Beautiful Chaos

Beautiful Chaos is the everyday adventure and mess of being an artist. You stay up way too late and let the madness become manic inspiration for more creativity. You rarely sleep much because the gears never stop turning. Lack of sleep and constant discovery fuel the artist. The inspiration of other people sharing their truths and thoughts make an impact. In my case I strive to make a difference in what impact I make in people everyday.

Being a colorist, designer, artist, and salon owner is beautiful chaos. It is having a living and breathing gallery of work. Each person that visits me has a different story with a new chapter, full of details in experience with perspective. I only get concerned when we try to achieve confidence out of anger from a breakup or negative impact, “Shave off all my hair or make it black!”, she exclaims. In my mind I think, “Over my dead body am I letting you do that drama!” Instead we decide to seize the opportunity for new experience. After all who says change is bad.

Every guest that comes in has a front seat to the mad hatter of it all, the ideas, the process, the execution. My favorite part of my job is being a witness and aid in all of their stories. The smile when they look in the mirror and forget the bad moment that wanted to make them bald and black 😂

Fingerprints are unique and beautiful to their owner. I’m currently exploring a lot with identification in my work. How to make a mark that creates impact. So many unique things in a person, things no one can copy or take. That my friends is BEAUTIFUL Chaos by definition. Stay tuned for more of my Blogging (a.k.a random thoughts) I hope all of you have an amazing week and remember….you are enough, you are Beautiful Chaos.

xo B