Enough said.

Sometimes you pause in the hustle and crazy to smile with gratitude for all that you have. You never expect to receive what you give even when you feel there is nothing left. I want to remind you that even in your low moments you are ENOUGH for someone. Everyday I surround myself with people of all kinds of stories. Like a library of emotion it floods into my heart.

Mary got engaged and is infinitely glowing with joy. Ally just lost someone close and is heartbroken. Matt asked his first girlfriend to prom and she said Yes! Dave found out his wife is leaving him for someone else. The story they tell is theirs and they need to tell it. I feel such gratitude to be a part of the healing or celebration. Sometimes I worry too. But this is why I write to remind us all….

you alone are enough, there is no other person like you. Remember to love yourself and be happy for what is good. Follow your path even when bumps come along because it will be worth it. Keep the ones that support and love you close. Be grateful just because you are YOU! I am grateful for you! Enough said.

Xo B