New Chapter, Dream

Making it happen when it comes to ambitions and dreams sometimes seems unattainable, impossible, and too much. It is with so much love and support from my amazing team that we will be opening my dream collective salon! There has been so many late nights, tears, laughs, and of course beautiful chaos in the process but we did it, and I can’t wait to show you! Sometimes all the bumps in the road are simply just there to give you a new perspective or see different paths.

To my clients I have to say I am so thankful for your support and love during this chapter of my life. You are family and have always encouraged me to keep to my dreams. Thank you so much for your patience and all the spirit! I definitely explored lots of new directions and paths all with this as my 2019 goal.

I’m so proud of my team and wanna give Jen, Alina, and Jael a huge shout out and so much gratitude for all they do. And to our newest addition Mr. Mikey Rose the barber for all the odd jobs and muscle he put into getting us in the door. My team is made out of extraordinary people and true gladiators❤️

To my family HUGE thank you for accepting my ambitious creative soul. Always creating and rarely sleeping or sitting still. I could have never gotten here without you!

So with that I say Dream BIG because it will be worth it!

Paint me a picture of what you want this to be
— Mikey Rose

Enough said.

Sometimes you pause in the hustle and crazy to smile with gratitude for all that you have. You never expect to receive what you give even when you feel there is nothing left. I want to remind you that even in your low moments you are ENOUGH for someone. Everyday I surround myself with people of all kinds of stories. Like a library of emotion it floods into my heart.

Mary got engaged and is infinitely glowing with joy. Ally just lost someone close and is heartbroken. Matt asked his first girlfriend to prom and she said Yes! Dave found out his wife is leaving him for someone else. The story they tell is theirs and they need to tell it. I feel such gratitude to be a part of the healing or celebration. Sometimes I worry too. But this is why I write to remind us all….

you alone are enough, there is no other person like you. Remember to love yourself and be happy for what is good. Follow your path even when bumps come along because it will be worth it. Keep the ones that support and love you close. Be grateful just because you are YOU! I am grateful for you! Enough said.

Xo B

Beautiful Chaos

Beautiful Chaos is the everyday adventure and mess of being an artist. You stay up way too late and let the madness become manic inspiration for more creativity. You rarely sleep much because the gears never stop turning. Lack of sleep and constant discovery fuel the artist. The inspiration of other people sharing their truths and thoughts make an impact. In my case I strive to make a difference in what impact I make in people everyday.

Being a colorist, designer, artist, and salon owner is beautiful chaos. It is having a living and breathing gallery of work. Each person that visits me has a different story with a new chapter, full of details in experience with perspective. I only get concerned when we try to achieve confidence out of anger from a breakup or negative impact, “Shave off all my hair or make it black!”, she exclaims. In my mind I think, “Over my dead body am I letting you do that drama!” Instead we decide to seize the opportunity for new experience. After all who says change is bad.

Every guest that comes in has a front seat to the mad hatter of it all, the ideas, the process, the execution. My favorite part of my job is being a witness and aid in all of their stories. The smile when they look in the mirror and forget the bad moment that wanted to make them bald and black 😂

Fingerprints are unique and beautiful to their owner. I’m currently exploring a lot with identification in my work. How to make a mark that creates impact. So many unique things in a person, things no one can copy or take. That my friends is BEAUTIFUL Chaos by definition. Stay tuned for more of my Blogging (a.k.a random thoughts) I hope all of you have an amazing week and remember….you are enough, you are Beautiful Chaos.

xo B